Monday, 7 February 2011


This image was used as the official Christmas card for Swansea Metropolitan University in 2009. I was thrilled to win this competition because Swansea Metropolitan is my university, the £175s helped too. But seriously this went to all accademic affiliates and business associates of the university in the UK, this exposure is just not to be sneezed at and it felt great just to win.

This was my original entry, but was rejected as it was too denominational !

Ange D'Age Nouveau

This was a Christmas/New Year card I created for all my friends and family.

This was one of my four designs for Swansea Metropolitans Christmas card competition, but was considered to denominational, it was my nephews and nieces favourite however.

                                This was a more subtle, but fun card. Too denominational though.

                          O Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Why art thou so denominational ?....

                                                          Femme Fatale Age D'or

This image is very much inspired by Erte (Pronounced RT), although this is less theatrical than Erte's work I hope that I have captured the spirit of that time

Une Filles D'Ete

This was my own take on something that might look good on a notelet, translates as Summer Girl

Rose and The Lion Completed

This image won a place in a competition to exhibit at "The Monkey Bar" in 2008, but due to Snowdrifts and flu I never made it to the exhinition. I was gutted, I love Monkey Bar and even performed there once. The image began life as part of a project to design laptop covers and is one of my favourite images I have painted.

This is also from the lapiop series I wanted to present the sensuality of the Witch and 
their sense of mischief, combine it with their most sensational spell, that of flight.

A quirkier Alice image done for my
friend and fellow illustrator Laura Jenkins

This image of Townhill Campus at Swansea Metroplitan University
 ended up as part of the montage of images on the winning card.

This was a rough version of a card I was
playing with for Swansea Metropolitan Universities
Christmas card 2011. In the end I didn't enter.

This is a fuller version of the image of Mount Pleasant
Campus I would have used for my entry into the competition
had I entered. I still like this image even though I didn't submit.

Valentines 2011

These valentines were inspired by tattoes and proceeds went to our 
exhibition fund and the "Christian Lewis Trust" for children with cancer

I did a black and a white one so that there would be a better choice and then could not
decide which design was better and all my friends were split 50/50, so I printed half white and half black

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