Wednesday, 2 March 2011

GENIUS? GENIUS! Exhibition

Cardiff Central Library 2005

Alice Went Back

This is one of my most popular paintings. I have sold this painting in several sizes and versions. There are a lot of hidden characters in the painting The White Rabbit, March Hare, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and the Cheshire Cat, there is also a hidden tea pot. 

Kwam Suan Praternam
The Garden Of Desire

I have also sold this painting in several different versions, but usually 30 inches x 30 inches

Me and Dali
This again features Dali and is a tribute to my love of his work. I still enjoy his work after 30 years of being an admirer.

An apparition of Oscar Wilde wearing Lady Bracknell's Hat With Floating Childhood Memories
This image features a beach we played on with children, combined with hallucinogenic memories. It is a tribute to Oscar Wildes love of silliness and wit. 

This image features is an early version of Kwam Suan Praternam

Nirvana At Sunset

This painting is hanging in my living room. I had sold it at my exhibition, but the client found it too big for his home. So I re-painted it on 20"x20" for the same price and took the original back, of course the second version included a few details not in this version to ensure the client had a unique version.

Self Portrait In Landscape

This was heavily influenced by my Hero Salvador Dali and represents myself 
throughout my lifeFrom my first photo at the bottom to the mountain range at 
the top where my Mum, the lovely Rose looks down on me.

Woman On Fire
This represents the power in all women, their natural affinity with creation
their unbridled emotional responses and of course their role as mothers, 
wives, sisters and of course friends. True forces of nature.

The Mother Of Everything
This image was originally a coloured pencil sketch I did in 1992. It was inspired by my friend Gaynor Perkins. She was pregnant with twins at the time and telling me how much her environment would affect her unborn babies. It made me realise how our relationship with the planet and everything around us is symbiotic and that we really should be taking more care of the planet. I guess that's an old story and we all know the importance of this now. This was sold to a friend just after the exhibition closed.

Picnic At The End Of The World

This was done on an environmental theme and although it was done
after the Genius? Genius! Exhibition, I felt it had the same spirit so I include it here.
This image is huge and covers two A1 canvasses. 

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