Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Landscapes Cityscapes

Swansea Cityscapes

Oceana Nightclub Complex, The Kingsway, Swansea

Some proportions are a little off, but I did this by eye
rather than using photoshop tools to preserve a sense 
of artistic content and avoid an almost photographic image.
This goes for the image of Salubrious Place below, the 
colour blue for the dome was a nightmare to match, but I 
think I got it.


I painted this while waiting for a medical appointment at
Singleton Hospital in Swansea (8th Floor),

Swansea City From Mumbles

This was painted on a beautiful summer day in 2009
I ended up with quite an audience while I did this.

Mount Pleasant Campus

I painted this image on a Sunday morning in Mount
Pleasant. The style is inspired by Das Bleu Reiter 
Group (The Blue Riders).

Swansea Railway Station

This sketch took forty minutes to complete, I did it 
while I was waiting on the station, in first class no less.
I loved the low cloud on the mountain. I pass this on my way
 home every day so I am particularly fond of this sketch.

Coconuts Resort, Western Samoa

I Painted this image while I was staying at Coconuts Resort,
a fabulous place to stay. The owners and staff were lovely as the scenery.

Penarth Cliffs

This day I took my paints to Penarth and I had just 
completed this painting when it tipped down with 
rain. It was still a great day.

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