Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This is my favourite book and Tim White's original artwork is my favourite book
cover.Naturally when I had to choose an adult book to illustrate, I chose this.
We begin with No33 escaping from the coop to join the anomalous flock of multiple
bird species attracted by the weaveworlds' magic field. One of my favourite
illustrators/Authors Jackie Morris (Snow Leopard, Lord of the Jungle) said that she
loved this image and made my day.

The rough sketch for the house on Rue Street where Mimi Lanchenski guarded the weave for decades.

A Coloured version

Triumverate of Evil
Immaculata, The Hag and The Magdelene

Susan, the unwitting participant in a story she had always been a part of.

Very rough sketch of "The Fugue" or Weaveworld.

Rough sketch of the window in Rue Street where No33 escaped to.

The Incantatrix, The Eternal Virgin, Nemesis of Weaveworld
The next six images are experiments with colouring immaculata as 
she bulds her energy to sends out darts of menstruum from every
 orifice in her body.

This last image is almost right, but not quite.

This final image has the menstruum added, I love that Immaculatas' eyes look so cold.
The menstruum is a weapon that can be used to create or to rip apart and is a rare gift
only posessed by females of the seerkind. 
Thank You Clive Barker for such a lovely, well described character.

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