Friday, 11 March 2011

LIFE DRAWING The Lovely Cassie

The Lovely Tonia

This image is from an extra life drawing class I
took with the lovely Jo. While I was drawing Tonia,
 I became aware of the girls behind her and their intense
concentration and decided to add the artists into the mix. 
The model, Tonia and my tutor Jo both have a copy of
this piece as does the lady in the red scarf. The media is
coloured pencil.

Six One Minute Sketches

I love one minute studies, they force you to be spontaneous and to loose the 
precious element you cant get by drawing and re-drawing over and over. 
I miss Cassie since she retired, she had a balletic grace and a wonderful maturity.
I hope I captured this.

Cass In A Cage

This day Cass looked so melancholy, it was beautiful and sad at the same time.

Cass In Colour

Cass Caged 2

For this image I used coloured pencil and watercolour

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